If you love browsing every now and then, there’s no doubt you have come across a few blogs in the Internet. The awesome thing about a blog is that you can easily set up your own. Whether your a business owner or you just want to join the blogging community, you can easily find a blog that appeals to you.

It may sound unbelievable, but most of the people now are making money through blogging and they enjoy the steady income they get. Of course, if it was very easy to make money from blogging, everyone would be doing it. Making money through blogging takes a lot of time and effort, and of course, a pretty good amount of cash.

If you have a blog and if you want to make money out of it then keep reading this article as we listed a few pointers to help you out!


Choose WordPress as Your Blogging Platform

You can easily choose different types of system to run your blog, from WordPress to Blogger. Regardless, we highly recommend you to choose WordPress since it is the most popular blogging platform and you can add thousands of plugins for your site. If you’re not, consider transferring to it.

WordPress’ user interface is similar to office applications that you normally use. In addition, it is also great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you can even customize on your own, no need to hire a professional programmer. Most of website hosting providers offer one-click WordPress set up so you can run your blog within minutes.



Content Should Be Appealing to Your Target Audience

You might want to consider writing articles about your interest that are similar to your target audience. The best thing you can do to achieve this is by checking your competitors. What do top ranking blogs similar to your niche write about? What makes them stand out from the crowd?


Create a Practical SEO Strategy

Let’s say for example, you have hooked your target audience and have gotten their attention. How will you get them to stay on your site and visit often? The answer is create a practical SEO strategy.

Things you can do to make a practical strategy:

  1. Optimize the structure of your site for SEO
  2. Get backlinks from popular sites such as WikiHow, Reader’s Digest and so on.
  3. Make sure you’re writing topics that are relevant to your niche and include keywords.
  4. Most importantly, avoid creating duplicate content since this penalizes your site by search engines such as Google.


Stay Active on Social Media Platforms

Finally, when you have applied all the necessary tips, be sure to maintain being active in every social media platform. At the very least, you can set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter. You can easily share your blog posts and engage on discussions about them.