James Andrews Live In Person: All About Recent Twitter Post

As many of you know there has been a lot of online chatter around a recent situation that has unfortunately spiraled. As an active practitioner in the space, I felt the need to both address the situation and offer my perspective on the practice of social media. Two days ago I made a comment on Twitter that was the emotional response to a run in I had with an intolerant individual. The Tweet was aimed at the offense not the city of Memphis. Everyone knows that at 140 characters Twitter does not allow for context and therefore my comments were misunderstood. If I offended the residents of Memphis, TN I’m sorry. That was not my intention. I understand that people have tremendous pride in their hometown.

Furthermore there has been a lot of conversation going back and forth about social media. I agree that at 140 characters Twitter leaves a lot of room for speculation. While some would say this is evil side of social media, I would say that its pure intention is to foster a back and forth dialogue between people rather then a shield to hide behind and replace human contact.

This is what I passionately do for a living and will continue to do at Ketchum Interactive and in my own personal time here on this blog, twitter, ustream, blogtalkradio, etc. I’m extremely committed to educating my clients and community on better ways to use social media. My most recent situation underscores the need for important dialogue around how we use this space.

Because this is a dialogue not just a post I welcome any constructive comments here.